Quora in different languages

In spring I was looking something up and it led me to a Quora page, where I had to register in order to read the answer. I registered without the second thought. I don’t remember whether I set my languages or Quora guessed them, but since then it’s been sending me emails with question-answer complilations in English, Spanish and Italian.

Some of those questions were actually interesting, like about K-pop or how to deal with teenagers not wanting to take their hoodies off. If I saw something interesting I clicked on them and read it through. And only today I realised that it is actually a good reading practice for Italian and Spanish, since I don’t have much interaction in these languages nowadays, the Quora articles keep me entertained while at the same time maintaining the reading level.

I start to wonder – since I’ve never used Reddit, is it similar or is it more like a forum?

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