May update

A short update:


We are still taking 2 italki Chinese classes per week, but I’m planning on taking a break once our packages come to an end. Since I’m learning together with my husband i’s still very hard to find balance between our levels and learning paces. Sometimes it’s really frustrating, since I like to go faster and harder and he prefers a less forced approach, which makes me frustrated and feeling like I’m not learning much. So yesterday I just made a decision to continue self-study by myself and not try to always study together. I should probably look into booking some italki sessions for us separately, since it often happens that I’m talking for the majority of the class.


I’ve been trying to squeeze in some Slovenian classes as well, but I’m so busy I barely find mental energy for it, so it’s been more like 1 class every two weeks. I know it’s not enough but at the same time it’s not the main priority for me right now.


I gave up on the idea of applying to TOPIK in July, since I will have a US trip and a dance comp, I don’t want to be stressing about TOPIK exam as well. I doubt that October will be any better, but I’m hoping to go to Korea in September and if time allows take some classes there, so maybe I can try to have a go at it. If not, there’s always next time 🙂 Today and yesterday I’ve been quite productive and went through 6 lessons on TTMIK. I’m doing level 4 as revision now, I know that I’m actually at a higher level, but it’s good to go through the basics since it’s been like 6 years that I haven’t studied Korean grammar.

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