30 days streak

As you can see, I stopped with Memrise completely end of February this year and only started getting back into it in November. Currently I’m on a 30 days streak and it feels goooood. Let’s keep it going 🙂

I still struggle to establish a routine of studying every day, since I want to do too many things – go through my 3A book, do writing practice, study with TTMIK, read texts, watch Youtube videos…. And some days I don’t even notice when the time is already 1pm and we’re having lunch and it feels I still haven’t done much.

I’m not the most organized person so it’s definitely a challenge to create a routine, since I can’t really schedule “today I’m doing TTMIK, tomorrow read a text, and write every day” – I’m spontaneous with my learning and it’s hard to stick to a schedule for me. I might try it nonetheles.

I also need to find a pen friend in Korean again, but I don’t wanna bother my friends… I guess I have to overcome it 🙂

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