When I started hearing about Clubhouse it was mostly in the marketing circles. However, I quickly realised that there’s also a thriving language community. I can’t believe how easy it is to practice my target languages now!

When I was learning Korean all by myself back in 2015 I was desperately searching for any native speaker that would talk to me. Later on I discovered italki and my life became easier, since I started booking sessions with native speakers. Then I found Clubhouse. Yesterday I was bored and opened a room inside 한국어 수업 club, I was thinking we’d talk about resources for leaning Korean in English, but 4 girls who came to my stage all spoke Korean very well, so I was chatting in Korean with them for at least half an hour.

The other day I found Korean-Chinese room and it was another surreal experience. All people in the room could speak both Korean and Chinese, and I never spoke like this, mixing the two together. We would start one sentence in Korean and end it in Chinese, or throw a Korean word here and there while speaking Mandarin. I really enjoyed it!!!

The founder of 한국어 수업 is an extremely energetic guy called Kwanhee, his room are always fun and never boring, he runs rooms on different topics, from shadowing to rapid speaking, to whispering…

The other day he had Hyunwoo Sun from Talk to me in Korean as a guest speaker, and I got to go on the stage and say a few words in Korean to Hyunwoo, it was such an exciting experience! I started to study with TTMK about 5-6 years ago, and I got to tell Hyunwoo how much I aprecciate all the work they do and how happy I was to see how much they’ve grown since then. You cannot really experience it with any other social media at the moment, usually it’s all about livestreams and comments, but here we were talking to each other like we were on the phone.

I would really recommend CH to anyone who wants to practice languages 🙂

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