So my Chinesepod subscription is expiring in middle February, and few weeks ago I decided that I need to make a good use of it before it expires. Since then I’ve been crunching their podcasts on a pace of 2-3 lessons a day (and they are usually 15 minutes long). The upside – I practice listening more and learn lots of new vocabulary. The downside is the vocabulary itself, since I’m such a hoarder I kept adding all the new words to my word lists, so now I have almost new 200 words added to my Memrise course just in a space of a couple of weeks and I have no idea how many more will I add until February. Being overwhelmed by lots of new vocab was what hindered my Korean progress, but now I try to not get anxious about it and just keep pushing forward. Challenge accepted 🙂

I do feel kind of guilty for not using Chinesepod much during the year and just waking up to it now, but to be honest until we took HSK 2 exam end of October our level was too low to take advantage of more interesting intermediate and pre-intermediate levels, and these levels are much more enjoyable than the beginner ones. So now that I finally came to like it I am faced with the time pressure of using it as much as possible until February 🙂 But now that I think of it – I will probably have to extend it if I want to try to have a go at their advanced levels after finishing Intermediate ones, but let’s see how it goes 🙂

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