My first multi-language video

I have always really enjoyed watching polyglot videos on Youtube where people were speaking multiple languages, even if they were just on a beginner level, but I was always too shy to have a go at it myself. However, recently a switch flipped in my mind and I thought “why not, even if the video flops it will still be a good practice of switching languages”.

I woke up and started thinking of what I would say. At some point I found myself looking for excuses to procrastinate and do something else, but I resolutely told myself “you’re getting it done no matter what”. When I started recording the first part, Russian one, I did like 20 takes, because I didn’t like the lighting, I didn’t like my makeup, I didn’t like my voice… I was soooo close to giving up, but I mentally slapped myself in the face and said “get yourself together” and managed to complete the video. Funnily enough, I did the Italian part in one take 🙂 The whole thing came to 1.5 minutes and TikTok only allows for 1, so I had to chop it a lot to shorten it, but I think it still turned out nice 🙂 I also wrote the captions in Keep and later copied them into the vid. Here is the result:

And here is my first language-related TikTok which I filmed back in May:

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