Getting back to Chinesepod and kpop

1. This week I re-discovered Chinesepod by trying out their Pre-intermediate and Intermediate classes. I realized that I was wrong in thinking that they were lame and annoying, they are actually quite good, especially because some of them use quite a lot of Chinese on an understandable level. Before, I was only listening to the intermediate grammar course, which was a bit annoying, but recently I found that usual classes are actually better. And what is also great about them is that I can listen to them together with P. while resting in bed or on the couch, and I don’t have to strain my eyes. During the pandemic I spend too much time on various devices already, so it’s nice to be able to study with only audio input.

2. Recently I was getting more and more back into kpop, since a lot of cool stuff has been going on – I especially like SuperM “One” release and Taemin’s album, so I found myself watching videos related to these releases, like behind the scenes of music video shooting or dance practices. In order to not feel like I’m just procrastinating and losing time on this I challenge myself by watching them without English subs, luckily almost everything is captioned in Korean, so every time there’s a new word I look it up on Naver dictionary and add it to my Naver wordbook. What I also noticed is that Naver dictionary always has Chinese characters next to the Korean word, so sometimes I check them out with my “Zhongwen” extension and try to make connections between Mandarin and Korean, this way I’m kind of studying both languages at the same time.

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